Survey reveals over 96% of people on Norfolk Island are opposed to the current governance regime imposed by Australia.

Contrary to the usual political spin that their takeover of Norfolk Island was ever supported by a ‘substantial majority of Islanders’, evidence shows continued opposition to Australia’s takeover of the island.

A survey taken recently asked the question about governance with four options to choose from. Only 3.28% of respondents (15 votes) wanted full integration with Australia. An overwhelming majority of voters (442 votes) wanted anything but to remain under the current Australian system, with voters showing a Free Association model was a firm preference.

Results after survey closed with a total of 457 voters.

While the Commonwealth can continue their mind numbingly unimaginative, and false, assertions that their takeover of Norfolk Island was ever supported by a ‘substantial majority of Islanders’, they should probably ponder the wisdom of repeatedly lying in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary. 

This survey could be the perfect launching pad. It is a catalyst for genuine negotiations on a new model of government that respects the views and wishes of the Norfolk Island people and reflects their ownership of Norfolk Island and its resources, their strong historic connection to the island, and their unique and separate heritage and identity as a race of people who desire to manage their own affairs in a way that addresses the very specific needs, culture, value and challenges of their island home and its people.

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“We’re not financially stable enough to gain full independence. My preferred vote. Not capable of defending our territory without big brother. Changing over to NZ would involve a change in our whole economic strategy and currency. Unfortunately, we are looking at decades of rebuilding thanks to the Australian government.”

“Free Association with Australia is probably the most practical choice, but they would need to take a few tips from New Zealand about showing respect for the rights, culture and values of the indigenous people of Norfolk Island.”

“My first preference would be full independence, but I’m not sure how we could maintain or manage that due to the havoc the Aust Govt has imposed on us. Interested in talks with NZ, but that would cause a lot of instability again until things were in place. I just don’t think NI could cope unless bucket loads of financial help were available.
I believe free assc with Aus it may have to be.”

Norfolk Island People for Democracy.


  1. It’s heartening to see that there are people getting the truth out there without spin. Keep it up!!!

  2. Remain in total support of moves that
    Norfolk Island make to secure their self determination. As a New Zealander I would warmly greet free association, but accept that the option would prove more difficult. New Zealand was I think offered full administration in the past and at that time turned it down. Our record of allowing self determination would probably have provided a better outcome if New Zealand had done so. Australia has proven itself an autocratic country which minorities are sadly proving very wrong to be associated with. Persistence does achieve and I for one will continue to highlight your cause. A tipping point is required where more sit up and take notice of your injustice.
    Norfolk Islanders have a history of which to be so truly proud and justice will eventually prevail. Kia Kaha (Stand Strong)

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